The Guns


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 The guns are at Cabo Tinoso.

Go towards the Port but stay on the main road towards Cartagena.

When you meet the sea front you will go round a roundabout with a trawler on it.

In about half a mile turn right to Isla Plana.

Go through Isla Plana and through the tomato plantations, and pass the turning for La Azohia. (You could visit La Azohia on the way back, where there are restaurants, bars and beaches).

Less than half a mile past the La Azohia turning turn right for Campillo de Adentro. (Tiny settlement in a valley).

From here, on the right, you will see transmitter masts on the top of the mountain. You can drive up to the transmitters for tremendous views of Costa Calida, if you want too. There is room to turn round at the top.

Go all the way through Campillo de Adentro until you come to a sign which is a military no access sign. Ignore this, it is redundant, go on and start climbing with the old barracks building on your left.

Eventually you will come to a left turn. Left for the guns, or straight on to go up to the transmitters.

When you head for the guns it might be further than you are expecting, but don’t give up, keep going and eventually you will see the guns ahead of you.

At the start of the fort the road turns to gravel. (Needs slow driving, and avoid ruts and potholes).

Go past sentry boxes and take right fork to frontage of 12” gun installation.

You can park here and go up spiral staircases in the three towers, or drive all the way up to the two guns, where you can wander about as you wish. Take a torch if you want to explore the tunnels which house the workings of the guns and the shell storage areas. (Beware of trip hazards and gullies if you go down there).

From the 12” guns you can clearly see the six inch guns which are further out on the headland (not much further), and there you can see the barracks etc.

I understand that this fort was finished in about 1936, and the guns were made by Vickers in England.

There are no facilities out there. You have to go back to either Isla Plana or La Azohia.

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