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Rentals    This should be your first port of call if you want to rent a property on the Country Club, or indeed if you have a property to rent out.


                    2 bed Bungalow BU1             Availability Calendar BU1

                    2 bed Bungalow BU2            Availability Calendar BU2

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU5            Availability Calendar BU5

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU6            Availability Calendar BU6

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU7           Availability Calendar BU7

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU8

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU9            Availability Calendar BU9

                    2 Bed Bungalow BU10          Availability Calendar BU10

    2 Bed Villas

                    2 bed detached Villa AN1     Availability Calendar AN1

                    2 bed detached Villa CA1    Availability Calendar CA1

                    2 Bed detached Villa AN2    Availability Calendar AN2

                    2 Bed detached Villa AN3    Availability Calendar AN3

                    2 Bed detached Villa AN4    Availability calendar AN4

                    2 Bed detached Villa AN5    Availability calendar AN5

                    2 Bed Detached Villa AN6    Availability calendar AN6

                    2 Bed Detached Villa AN7    Availability  calendar AN7

                    2 Bed Detached Villa GAN8 Availability calendar GAN8

    3 Bed Villas

                    3 Bed detached Villa CL1   Availability Calendar CL1

                    3 Bed detached Villa CL2    Availability Calendar CL2

                    3 Bed detached Villa CL2    Availability Calendar CL3

    1 Bed Apartment

                    1 Bed Apartment  APT1       Availability Calendar APT1

Forex Trends    See how the pound moves against the euro, including 40 day and 200 day moving averages, to show long term trends. Another graph shows a shorter range and daily ranges.

Phone Book    Telephone directory, published as an opt in facility.

CF Mazarron    All the news, results, reports and pictures.

                    Archive Reports (2005/6)   Reports of old matches from a previous season.

                    Archive Reports (2006/7)   Reports of old matches from this season.

Events    A diary of things that are happening at the Country Club and things that have happened recently.

                    Cycle Race    Pictures from the Tour of Murcia as it passed near to the Country Club

                    Mazarron Fiesta Week. Photos of the Grand Parade.

                    Carnival Parade, 26th Feb, 2006

Social Club    Details of the recently formed Social Club and events run by them

                    Constitution of the the Social Club.

                    Activities Things the Social Club have or are organizing.

Site Information    Information about the Country Club site as it is being developed and photos of the site that are changed on a regular basis.

                    Motorway 1   Details of the new Cartagena to Vera motorway as it is being built near to the Country Club

                    Motorway 2   Details of the new Mazarron to Totana motorway as it will be built near to the Country Club.

                    AON Appeal, regarding the separation and collection of garbage.

                    Weather Stats. Average temperature readings for the past 12 months.

Spanish Vocabulary    A selection of words and phrases that could be useful as you go about your daily business in Spain

Places to See    The lead page for a series of descriptions and directions for travel for a variety of local attractions.

                    Sierra Espuna     Describes a tour of the local mountains.

                    The Guns    How to get to the historic guns at Cabo Tinoso

                    Cartagena    How to get there, and what to see when you do get to the historic town of Cartagena

                    Restaurants    Details of a range of restaurants in the locality

                    Beaches    How to get to some of the better beaches in the area.

                    Further Afield    Some places to visit a little further away. This page also has details of weekly street markets that are held.

                    Golf Courses    The number of golf courses in the area is due to increase considerably in the coming years. There are details on this page of the nearest ones at the moment.

Airport Directions    How to get the Country Club from the two nearest airports. These are Alicante (ALC) and San Javier, Murcia (MJV)   

Sales       If you want to buy a property on the Country Club, or if you want to sell your property, have a look here

Business Ads    If you want to advertise your business, have a look here

                Euphoria   Vacation and Property Services

                Pool Clean    Offering a complete service to keep your pool beautifully clean.

                Pool Construction    I am pleased to recommend an extremely efficient Spanish pool construction company

MCC Services    If you require a service, or want to advertise your service, use this page.

Small Ads.        Anything you would like to sell or buy, advertised free

Useful Links    This page supplies links to all manner of useful information.

Bowls Club        Details of the formation of the Mazarron Bowls Club

                Proposal regarding the Mazarron Bowls Club

                Application form to join the Bowls Club

NIE & Residencia    Instructions, and links to the necessary forms to enable you to apply for your NIE certificate of Residencia