Bowls Club


Application Form



You are invited to become a FOUNDER MEMBER of the Mazarron Bowling Club.

We are proposing to build a Bowling Club in the area, on a site yet to be finalized.  The Green will be an artificial surface.  Currently we are in discussions with the Mazarron Town Council and others.  We are hoping that they will provide us with a site, on a leased basis at a peppercorn rent.

The ARRANGEMENTS we are proposing are as follows:


A.   1.   Founder Member Bonds (voting).  One bond to be purchased at 750 euros by every member. Limited numbers only are available.

2.   We require a deposit of 75 euros, the balance being due when every thing is in place and we are ready to build.


1.   Also Members Preference Loan Bonds may be purchased in addition at 750 euros 

2.   Interest on both types of Bonds would be at 5% pa paid by discounting the following years subscription to the Club.

3.   Interest on these Bonds earned in excess of each years annual subscription would be added to the amount of loan made by the Bond holder.

4.   All Bonds would be refunded on the death of the holder or after a period of 5 years, providing that the club has the funds available.

C.   1.   Joining fees for future members of 100 euros, which would be non-returnable and would not accrue interest  (subject to availability of membership, which is likely to be  limited to 150 members).

       2.   Every member will pay an Annual Subscription of 200 euros, to be reviewed periodically,  (discounted for Founder members and by Loan Bond holders). 

       3.   Green Fees will be charged to all non members. 

       4.   Temporary Membership (no voting rights) will be made available. 

       5.   Social Membership will be available. 


A.   1.   Seven Founder Members elected by the Founder Members on the basis of one vote per person. 

       2.   Plus four officers elected - Club Secretary, Treasurer, the President and Vice President. 

       3.   The General Management Committee would be responsible for controlling the overall financing and viability of the Club.



A.   1.   This would consist of the officials elected by the members. 

       2.   They would be responsible for the day to day running of the club and administering of the Club and administering the sport of Bowls. 


Full Club Rules are to be drawn up defining the duties of both committees and the requirements of members. 


We hope that many of you will wish to be part of this new and exciting venture and we therefore invite you to subscribe for : 

A.   Founder Membership Bonds (Voting) at 750 euros, accruing interest as explained above. 

B.   Preference Loan Bonds at 750 euros per unit, accruing interest as explained above. 

A subscription form is on a separate page,  which we would ask you to print out and complete and return together with a 10% deposit of your requirements.  Your cheque should be made payable to Tokely, Smith, Thompson in whose names a temporary joint account, with all required to sign, has been opened. An account will be opened in the name of the club shortly.   


Your 10% deposits will be used for early expenses incurred by the need to consult a solicitor and an architect to draw up the plans, and for obtaining planning permission. 

Telephone Contacts. 

John Smith              Tel. 968199118

David Thompson             968155909

Brian Tokely                   639933862 (mobile)

Roger Jay                       968956007             

or email