Pool Construction


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During more than 8 years living at the Country Club, I have seen many swimming pools being constructed. A lot of them don't work out as expected. Either they take longer than expected, by a matter of weeks or even months, or the job is not finished to a satisfactory standard for one reason or another. There are only three companies that I would recommend, that do a neat, tidy and well finished job. One is very expensive, and the other two are not.

If you are thinking of having a pool constructed, please get in touch with me and I will arrange a quote from either an English company, or an English speaking, Spanish company that guarantees to have the work completed in just three to four weeks, to a high standard and at a fair price.

They will also obtain all the permissions necessary from the Town Hall, with plans drawn up by their own architect. They can also do any terracing that you would like, also with the permissions in place, at the same time, so why look any further.

Here are a few examples:







Below is a series of photographs taken of a construction started at the Country Club on January 8th 2007. Judge for yourself.