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Residencia Form


If you are planning to perform any activity in Spain, including buying a house, you need an NIE number. There are several organizations who will acquire these numbers for you, at a cost of anything from 50euros upwards. However, if you have time, it is relatively simple to do it yourself. Follow the link above to go to the PDF form, fill it in, print it out, and take it to the police station in Cartagena. You will need to take your passport and an authorized photocopy of it. Photocopies of passports can be authorized free of charge by taking the copy and the original to the Town Hall in Mazarron. When you get to the police station, go to the rear entrance and go straight to the guard at the top of the ramp. He will tell you to either wait of to go in and join a small queue. You will be told when to go back to collect your certificate.

The procedure of applying for Residencia is similar, but you need more documentation. You will need authorized copies of your NIE certificate, your 'padron' and your passport, as well as the originals and the completed form of course. You will be given a time to return with passport sized photos, that can be obtained at the photographic shop near Mazarron market, and you will be required to have fingerprints taken. You will then be given another time to return to collect your Residencia.

A small admin. fee is needed for both services.

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view the application forms. It can be downloaded free from 

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