I have always recommended the use of a Nationwide Bank account as being the best way to convert currency from sterling into euros, but with the introduction of extra fees, this is no longer the case. As an example, in a transaction recently, to test the situation after the new charges were introduced, I withdraw 300euros from an ATM, opting for the euro option on the display as usual. At the time, the mid-rate was 1.185 euros to the pound. Nationwide gave me 1.179, which on the face of it was ok. BUT, on checking my statement they then deducted 5.08 ponds as a foreign exchange commission, and an extra pound for a foreign withdrawal, bringing the effective rate down to 1.152 euros to the pound, considerably worse than through my exchange dealer, WorldFirst.  That is the way I will be going in the future, probably transferring larger amount to save more money. See what our Currency Exchange Partner has to offer







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