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Just a few of many ……..

La Azohia

The Tower at La Azhoria

Between ‘Trawler Roundabout’ and Isla Plana.

The main promenade at the port.

Playa Grande.


Sand sculptures at BolnuevoBolnuevo beach on a warm Easter Saturday

Bolnuevo beach looking towards Puerto de MazarronEarly season paddling at Bolnuevo

Perchelles (Beautiful but no facilities, and full of Campers for most of the winter months)

Perchelles bayPerchelles beachPerchelles beach

Take the road for Aguilas, and after a few miles see turning left for Canadas de Gallego.

Go through Canadas de Gallego, and the road for Perchelles bears to the left.

Stay on what seems to be the most significant road through tomato plantations.

After a slight hill at the brow the road turns to gravel.

A few more yards and you’re in the car park.

Cal Negre. (My favourite, particularly in July and August when the beach restaurant is open –  if you go in 2005 or later and want lunch, you need to book the table when you arrive. They will ask you to choose your menu, and at what time you want it. Then its ready at your chosen time. Drinks are available all day though, and there are loo’s).

The Aguilas road again and a bit further on than the turning for Canadas de Gallego. (Allow 20 mins to half an hour to get there).

Watch out for the signs for Puntas de Cal Negre and turn left down there. (It’s a split roundabout, so you have to turn right before you can cross the Aguilas road).

Couple of villages to go through, and as you approach the sea you will see the roofs of the houses at Puntas.

You turn right maybe a quarter of a mile before Puntas, so look out for a large sign on the right indicating right for Playas de Cal Negre. (It’s by a large wheelie bin on the right of the road).

Once off the road it is a gravel track that needs careful driving, but many people use it and it was slightly improved this year.

Suddenly below you on the left you will see the beach which you get to by taking the left fork a little further on. Steepish down hill, but then you are there.

If you snorkel or swim with goggles all these beaches have myriads of little fish. Take some bread in the water and they will surround you and nibble your bread and your toes.

I could list nice beaches all day, but hope that those I’ve mentioned will get you started.

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