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AT the AON meeting held today (04.10.05), it was pointed out that we are not using the rubbish bins, provided on site, in the manner that they have been designed or requested.

Many people either use the bins near 13-1 or the bins at the end of the boulevard, on their way out, to deposit their garbage. This of course causes congestion of rubbish in these areas. PLEASE use the nearest bins to your property. Also try and separate the glass from cardboard etc. The waste disposal company have problems in
recycling the rubbish, and are having difficulties with the authorities over this. If we are not careful, and do not try to help, will could be in a situation that rubbish collection from MCC will be seriously affected.

It was stated that it has been observed that people, just pull up beside the bins and throw rubbish bags out of the car window, not even attempting to deposit them in the correct containers. This is inconsiderate and totally unacceptable. WE DID NOT BUY HERE AT MCC TO LIVE ON A RUBBISH TIP. Please help in by trying to deposit your garbage in the correct bins, separate, glass from carton, from cans, organic. The four bins in most locations are for Glass, Plastic and Cans (including empty tetra packs), Paper and Cardboard, and the Organic bin is, in fact, for general waste. Please do not put everything in the organic bins.

A suggestion to people who rent out there properties.

It is understood that holiday makers, do not understand the problems, nor do they want to, here at MCC. But we would request that all owners who rent their properties, please explain the importance of waste disposal. Perhaps a note indicating where the nearest bin is would suffice. Most holiday makers are only here
for a couple of weeks, and unless they are instructed on matters such as this, they only do what is the easiest solution to them.

Garden Rubbish

Please make sure that that you place all garden cuttings etc. outside you property by early Monday mornings. There is a collection of this sort of waste, every Monday, and it is very efficient.

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